RCGP welcomes applications for the Spring round of International Travel Scholarship (ITS), Eric Gambrill Memorial Fund,  John J Ferguson Award and Katharina Von Kuenssberg Award.

RCGP welcomes applications for the current round of International Travel Scholarship Awards. These awards offer GPs and family doctors from around the world the opportunity to undertake projects outside of their home country. The awards provide an opportunity for family doctors to experience family medicine overseas, enhance their skills, develop knowledge of best practice in primary care, and make a difference at home and abroad.

Any General Practitioner can apply for the awards (including RCGP members or non-members and, UK residents and international GPs at any career stage).

 These awards can be used for:

  • International exchange or study to increase the quality of education and delivery of general practice or family medicine
  • Overseas travel from the UK to study aspects of health care relevant to general practice in the UK
  • Overseas doctors to visit the UK to study an aspect of primary care relevant to their own country’s family medicine needs
  • General practitioners from the UK to travel overseas and support other countries develop their primary health care systems

Application Deadline: SUNDAY 22nd April 2018

Please click here to download the ITS leaflet

Please click here to download the application guidelines and criteria

Please click here to download the ITS application form

For more information and how to apply please access the advert on the RCGP website: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/rcgp-near-you/rcgp-international/international-opportunities.aspx

Please send your queries to: international@rcgp.org.uk 



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