Mission & Objectives


“To provide opportunities to the family physicians of our country and region to enhance their competence and skills and to enable them to deliver cost-effective, efficient, reliable patient care in their communities.”


  • To establish, devise, plan and hold the MRCGP (INT) exam throughout South Asia.
  • To train (where no other courses exist) and examine doctors from all over South Asia who have applied for the MRCGP (INT) exam. To further train doctors of South Asian origin who have attained a postgraduate qualification in Family Medicine to become trainers and faculty in the field of Family Medicine.
  • To twin or collaborate with other international academic medical institutions/ bodies to develop and promote Family Medicine in the region of South Asia.
  • To promote and advance education in South Asia, particularly family medicine and other allied subjects and sciences.
  • To facilitate colleges, institutions, educational bodies, and Family Medicine organizations in focused preparation and training of doctors for taking the South Asia MRCGP[INT] exam.
  • To help establish postgraduate medical training for any other institution for the award of diplomas, degrees, and certificates in Family Medicine and related medical fields.
  • To engage researchers, teachers, lecturers, professors, instructors, and experts to impart efficiently and economically up-to-date education to pupils and students in cultural studies, sciences, research work, and intellectual and other useful pursuits.
  • To co-operate in all respect with other organizations engaged in promoting health and education.
  • To get affiliation with any board, college, or university in the world for the cause of education.
  • To get affiliated with any other organization working for the cause of education anywhere in the world.